The mission of the Centro Escaño is to work as a team with patients, ensuring that they meet their goals of achieving a healthy lifestyle, and extending that concern to the population creating awareness to individuals and groups.

We are also upgrading our technology, and developing new services, which is the result of a continuous improvement in the scope and quality of care we are able to provide to our patients



The Centro Escaño’s vision is to become the most advanced center specialized in Endocrinology and aesthetic in the country, having in the same place all the services required to complete the process of physical and emotional wellbeing.



  • Ethics: The doctor-patient relationship is handled with respect and cordiality.
  • Preparation: Our team of physicians is kept updated.
  • Good service: Patient should feel special.
  • Empathy with our patients: We empower our patients.
  • Social Responsibility: We help poor people in our community to have access to information on the correct nutrition.