Background of Centro Escaño de Endocrinología y Estética

On October 1981, Doctor Felix Escaño returned to the country from Argentina, where he completed his training in endocrine pathologies.

At that time, admission to private medical institutions was impossible, and for this reason his wife Isabel Mieses and him, decided to open an institution named Centro Escaño de Endocrinología y Estética, aimed at offering professional services in the area of diabetes, thyroid, growth and development, metabolic disorders and obesity and more.

They decided to rent a place on Dr. Delgado Street, Santo Domingo, where Doctor Escaño provided medical professional services, and Mrs. Isabel Escaño physical therapy and personalized exercise. They joined others physicians with specialization in these areas, and thus provided to the Dominican society an integrated project where they combined science and physical activity.
Their records reported the elimination of thousands and thousands of pounds from many Dominicans of all ages and sex, who have sought through our services a better quality of life.

Currently, the Centro Escaño in the Piantini Sector provides the medical assistance of Doctors Felix Escaño, Hilda Escaño and Giselle Escaño, providing a complete support of the highest quality of care of professional services in the area of endocrinology, diabetes, clinical nutrition and aesthetic.