At the Escaño Center we count on:

Bone Densitometry Unit
Densitometry allows an assessment of bone mass density with low dose levels of radiation for the patient and allows the measurement of bone mineral density screening for osteoporosis.
Measurement of body fat
Led by technology, we measure the level of body fat of our patients, besides knowing the level of visceral fat, muscle mass, total body water, the Basal Metabolic Rate –BMR-, which is the minimum level of energy your body needs in order to run efficiently at rest. Metabolic Age, that calculates the BMR and indicates the average age associated with this type of metabolism, and physical body.

Also, it determines if the percentage of total body water of an individual is within body fluid levels: Low, Adequate, or High.

Clinical Laboratory
In our laboratory we are specialized in analytical sampling in general and hormonal tests, as well as Oral Glucose Tolerance Test and Insulin Hypoglycemia among others.

We have designated an area for the necessary tests to start a nutrition plan with any of our doctors.