Dominican Foundation of Endocrinology and Diabetes (FUNDOMED)

FundomedFUNDOMED main goals or objectives are:

  1. Participate in the development and implementation of preventive programs of endocrine diseases in the country.
  2. collaborate with the government health sector in finding solutions to health problems which involve specific areas of endocrinology and diabetes, goiter, iodine deficiency, stunting etc., in short everything related to this matter and public health.
  3. Organize seminars, courses, lectures nationally and / or internationally that are of interest to the medical profession and the Dominican society.
  4. Request to national and / or international institutions the training and modernization of professionals linked to endocrinology in the country.
  5. Promote mutual relations with public, private and international institutions involved in health sector, specifically in the area of endocrinology.
  6. Request professional and technical assistance abroad for solving endocrinology diseases whose treatment and solution are not possible in the country.
  7. Provide guidance to solve endocrine problems to the more dispossessed people providing the resources available in medical care, clinical and hormonal testing laboratory, hospitalization when necessary, etc. Also, in general, inform society on endocrine diseases.
  8. Perform all steps necessary to achieve the objectives outlined above.